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Why Jot pass to Kugti Pass trek is a good option from June to Mid September ?

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Price 14000.00 | 9 Days

(1) Lot of snow from June to September to provide a trekker a thrilling experience of snow trekking in Himalayas.

(2). Trek route is a connection between two valleys, so you actually get to trek in PirPanjal and Chamba Bharmour region of Himalayas.
(3). After the trek- off roading to Jot Pass and Chamba along Ravi and Budhel River is memorable.

        If you are beginner in Himalayan trekking then it is going to be challenging and enjoyable.
    As the youth of the Nation, make your travel option wise, We have fixed departures to support solo travellers so go through our reviews and Itinerary and book your trek paying 50% advance through following channels...

Duration: 9 Days 10 Nights..
 01 Day as a reserve Day for any trek challenge in between.
Trek Date: 17 June to 26June..

Brief Itinerary:-

Day1:- Reporting and Acclimatization Day at Jot Pass. (Height-8000 ft AMSL)

Day2:- Jot Pass to Bharmour, Kugti by road(100 km) 05 hours ride and Kugti to Kugti village trek on Foot (6 km and 3 hour trek).

Day3:- Kugti to Dughi on feet(7 km approx and 6 hours trek).Here the temple of Lord Kartik and Goddess Marali temple enroute will add some charm to the trek...History of these historic temples will be explained while resting near these holy shrines.

Day4:- Dughi to Alyas on feet (6 km approx and 7 hours trek) but enjoyable stage of trek..As height is gained the tree/bush line is left behind so everyone will take few dry fire stick of bushes before few Kilometers from Lahesh(Alyas) for night as in night temperature goes below Zero at Alyas..Enjoy the whole day and revive the body,mind and soul for next day's hard journey..

Day5:- Alyas to Kugti Pass(12 km and 08 hours trek).This trek totally depends upon the weather and physical condition of trekker..Generally Guide doesn't take risk to cross this Pass in bad weather and will wait to for the clear Sky...The trek has to be started before 4 AM to ensure that the Snow is frozen for easier walking and to cross this glacier before 12 PM at any condition. Just  1 KM  before the Pass the path becomes very steep over loose rocks and snow. On the Top of this Kugti Pass surrounding mountains and beautiful ManiMahesh Kailaah Peak gives a thrilling view..On the top of this Pass is a simple Shrine of Goddess Marali Devi, The Goddess of Kugti Pass.Rest for a while and start moving downstream 6 KM and try to reach Alyas of Lahul Spiti as soon as possible in Two Hours...

Day6:- Alyas to Jovrung to Udaipur.
Alyas to Jovrung is 8 KM trek.Jovrung is 1st habitation in Lahul side...Here we need to cross ChandraBhaaga (Chinaav)...By vehicle we will reach Udaipur...

Day7..Udaipur to Either Manali or to Sach Pass and in 2 days we will reach Jot Pass back...

Inclusion in the cost of Rs 14000/-

* All meals.
* Stay in tents.
*Sleeping mat.
* Rucksack bag and a sleeping bag of good quality have to be arranged by trekker itself.
* Guides who have done necessary mountaineering and undergone basic life support training.
* Call/ WhatsApp us at the following no. 
   8194818718/ 9023726419.
* Sudhir..

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